OKEYE  a few people were asking my coloring process ??  for places and stuff yeah. this is generally it, i mess with the brushes and sometimes take the red sketch and put it on overlay on top of the colors at the end ! !  but thats p much it  ! ! 

also brush settings are in the °˖ ✧F  A  Q✧˖ °

if u have anymore questions just ask  ! !  okey  YA  T T A  AAAA

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you dont have to agree with his policies but you have to admit hes the coolest president weve had ever

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I did a guest blog for Muddy Colors! Details my process, and also has a process video for my Ellie fan art, so check it out!

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Story of my life.

Story of my life.

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This, Is Berk....5 Years Later

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when someone stops talking to you and youre not sure what you did wrong


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Nardò Ring, Nardò, Italy

Amazon Rainforest deforestationPara, Brazil

Terraced rice paddies, Yunnan, China

Soybean fields, São Domingos, Brazil 

Mount Whaleback Iron Ore Mine, Pilbara, Australia

Alang Ship-breaking yards, Gujarat, India

Plasticulture / Greenhouses, Almeria, Spain

Oil Extraction Wells, Texas

Vineyards, Huelva, Spain

Daily Overview

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breaks down

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